Mooring Bridgewater Canal,
Old Trafford, M16, OSZ

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Debbie Tony along with Laurence, have been friends for over 20 years and have been able to create an opportunity by starting Bridgewater New Day CIC.  We came together as we wanted to provide a helping hand for people who have to travel long distance to commence their Hospital treatment for Cancer in Manchester.

Our way of hopefully bringing some assistance to people is by providing accommodation free of charge overnight on a wide-beam canal boat that is moored on the Bridgewater Canal, Manchester.

Laurence who is a local councillor for Gorse Hill and Trafford Council Deputy Mayor, Tony and Debbie have been given the opportunity to organise this by Stewart Davies of GG Hospitality and Hotel Football.  They provide the space for us to raise our funds and have also installed the electricity and water supply which we could not function properly without.

We wish to say a sincere thank you to Stacy Woodhouse and Family from Barrow in Furness who through our conversations and time spent together inspired us to give our free time for something that helps patients and their family attending Hospital.


Bridgewater New Day is CIC registered number 11168167

We are a source of support for people and their families who have been diagnosed with cancer that live outside the area and need to attend Christie Hospital.

Your donations pay for their accommodation and meals when they travel to Manchester for treatment. Hopefully this goes some way to help relieve part of their stress during their treatment. 

OUR TEAM AND TRUSTEES. Bridgewater New Day CIC is managed by Debbie O’Neill, Tony O’Neill and Laurence Walsh who give their time generously to support the CIC both strategically and directly through our campaigns and initiatives. All trustees, and chairman work for Bridgewater New Day on a voluntary basis

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