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Your donation will help us continue to provide essential support for cancer patients and their loved ones. 
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If you would rather not donate online you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we will arrange between us an alternative method that you prefer. 

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All funds raised will provide all the running costs of the Northern Powerhouse Wide Beam Canal boat.

Our aim is to provide assistance and convenience for patients and family who have to travel long distances to commence their treatment for Cancer at Hospitals in Manchester. We provide accommodation the day before their appointment thus taking away the need for those persons getting up in the early hours of the morning that may add to their worries.

Our boat provides space comfort and an ideal surround for relaxation with all amenities of a first class apartment. We take away the need for cooking meals as we provide evening meal and breakfast in Hotel Football. We also provide on the boat for those wishing for privacy sandwiches and various snacks along with breakfast alternatives for those who wish to just relax in the surroundings.  The boat has been used for 1 to 2 night stay max per week as this is our aim.

We have and know that there will always be someone who has an emergency and will help if availability of boat is accessible. Please read our Testimonial of the Mather family who contacted us with just two days notice in December.

We will operate the boat yearly for accommodation from the beginning of May to the end of September.  After then the boat will each year undergo a thorough health check and will be wrapped up due to inclement weather which is unsuitable for its intended use. This does not mean in this period it cannot be used in emergencies as we will always endeavour to help people. 

Our main fundraising activity is through Tony using the Roof Top Bar at Hotel Football on Manchester United match days where we have supporters attending and we ask for a £1 donation. The space is provided free of charge by Hotel Football and GG Hospitality  to support Bridgewater New Day CIC .

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